Swagstay Privacy Notice

Swagstay is devoted to keeping your personal information safe. This privacy notice explains what information we gather about you, how we use it, and how we keep it safe. It also explains your rights and how to get in touch with us if you have any issues about how we handle your data.


Scope of our privacy notice

This notice applies to anybody who communicates with us regarding our products and services (hereinafter referred to as "you" or "your") through any channel (e.g. app, website, email, phone, walk-ins to Swagstay-branded accommodations, booking a Swagstay-branded accommodation via a third-party travel agency, etc.). If necessary, we may provide you with supplemental privacy notifications for specific interactions.


If you book a stay at one of our partners' guest houses, hotels, or other lodgings through us (i.e., you do not stay at a Swagstay-branded property), Your personal information will be used by that partner in compliance with their privacy policies.

This privacy notice applies to individuals who inquire about, purchase, or use our products and services, such as when a user joins Swagstay, modifies her account, makes a booking (whether through our app, website, in person, or through any other channel), requests on-demand services, contacts customer support, stays at Swagstay-branded accommodations, or otherwise communicates or interacts with Swagstay.


It explains how we handle your personal data, regardless of how you contact us (e.g. app, website, email, phone, walk-ins to Swagstay-branded accommodations, etc.). Depending on how we engage with one another, we may occasionally present you with additional information or notices.



Swagstay provides lodging in both Swagstay-branded guest homes, hotels, and other establishments. If you book a stay at one of our partners' properties through us, that partner will use your personal information in accordance with their privacy notice (which can usually be found on our partner's website or sent by our partner through email or upon check-in).


Swagstay's website and app are not intended for minors, and we do not allow children to book or stay at our accommodations without the presence of a responsible adult. As a result, this privacy notice is not intended for children. If you provide us with information on your children, we will process it according to the terms of this notice.


Kindly Contact us for any questions.


Ways in which we obtain personal information

We collect personal information from you as well as travel agencies and others that help you book lodging.


If you give us information about other people (for example, the names of people who will be staying with you at the accommodation you book), you must make sure that they have seen a copy of this privacy policy and that they are okay with you doing so.

We collect personal information from you through your interactions with us, such as over the phone (please note that we record or monitor our calls for compliance and quality assurance purposes), via email, through our websites, through our apps, through the mail, through social media, or in person, such as in our Swagstay-branded accommodations or when you meet a Swagstay's agent.


Third parties may also provide us with your personal information, such as:

• Others who make hotel reservations for you;


• Travel agencies (such as Booking.com and Expedia) where you can book Swagstay-branded lodging;




• Providers of lodging;




• Service providers who collaborate with us on a product or service; and




• Third parties who designate you as the right contact for promoting our services to your organisation if your job includes arranging corporate staff housing.


Categories of personal information


We process two types of personal data concerning you and/or individuals for whom you have reserved accommodations, namely:


• Standard personal data (e.g., data we use to contact you, identify you, or maintain our connection with you); and




• Information in specific categories (e.g.If you've specified a halal or kosher food preference, or if you've opted to tell us about a medical condition that necessitates particular accommodations).

Please expand this section for further information on these sorts of data.


The following are examples of standard personal data:




• Contact Information: We gather your name, user name, address, e-mail address, and phone number(s); your profile photo if you choose to upload one or connect your social network account to your Swagstay account; and your country of residence, age, gender, and date of birth;




• Location Information: We may use your IP address to determine your approximate location so that we can offer you more relevant information (e.g. accommodation near you). You might choose to allow our app to use location services so that we can make recommendations for local lodging.

• Transaction Information: We collect transaction information about your use of our services, such as the type of service requested, the date and time the service was provided, the price charged, the number of days booked/stayed, and other transaction details. If someone else uses a Swagstay referral code you gave them, Swagstay may associate that individual with you in order for you to reap the benefit of that referral.


• Account History: We keep track of your bookings as well as any previous interactions with you, such as complaints or problems.

• Usage and Preference Information: We gather information about your interactions with our website, app, and other Services, such as IP addresses, search terms and parameters, and device information (see our Cookie Statement for more information).


• Log Information: We collect server logs, which may include information such as your device's IP address, access dates and times, app features or pages viewed, app crashes and other system activity, browser type, and the third-party site or service you were using prior to interacting with our Services.

• Device Information: To help us understand how our app performs across a variety of devices, we collect information about your mobile devices, such as the hardware model, operating system and version, software and file names and versions, desired language, unique device identifier, advertising IDs, serial number, device motion information, and mobile network information are all examples of data that can be collected.

• Call and SMS Data: We make it easy for you to contact the managers of the accommodations. We get call data in connection with this, such as the date and time of the call or SMS message, the parties phone numbers, and the SMS message content.


• CCTV: If you visit our premises and we utilise CCTV to monitor those premises, we may gather your personal information.




• WiFi: If you use the WiFi provided by our hotel, we will collect your login information (which may include your email) as well as usage data that tells us how you use the WiFi.



You may opt to provide us with special category information about yourself or others, which may be subject to additional data protection rules. Consider the following scenario:


• Food preferences (e.g. halal, kosher, etc.) can convey information about religious or philosophical ideas.




• Special requests for assistance or disability-friendly accommodations, or if you require medical support during your stay, may reveal health information; and




• If you tell us you are married or in a relationship and give us the name of your partner, we may learn about your sexual orientation.

Processing of Personal Information Purposes and lawful grounds

We use your personal information for the purposes described in this notice, and we do so on the legal grounds outlined here.


 Depending on the type of personal data we process, different legal grounds apply. We usually process standard personal information on the premise that it is required for the fulfilment of a contract, our or a third party's legitimate interests, or the law. Below is further information on this and other special category processing reasons.


Standard personal information about you is processed on the basis that it is:

• Necessary for contract performance: if we have a contract with you, we will process your personal information in order to fulfil that deal (i.e.to supply items and services to you and anyone for whom you have reserved lodging).


• In our or a third party's legitimate interests: more information on those legitimate interests can be found below.




• If we are obligated to do so or if the law allows us to do so.

We process information from particular categories because:


• You have clearly made it public, such as if you are open about your sexual orientation or if you choose to tell us that your AutoParty is for the celebration of your same-sex or opposite-sex wedding (if the AutoParty service is offered in your country);




• Processing is required by law for reasons of significant public interest: for example, if you become unwell or have an accident at your lodging, we may be required to preserve a record of the incident for health and safety reasons.

• We have your consent: we would ask for your special category data processing consent separately (your consent is not presumed simply because you have read this privacy notice);


• Processing is required in order to establish, exercise, or defend legal rights.

Legitimate interests

We process your personal information for a variety of legitimate purposes, including delivering services to you, managing our relationship with you, marketing and service/product enhancement, and exercising our rights or handling claims. Below is further information on our legitimate interests in greater depth.


We process your personal data to further the following legitimate objectives (considering your interests, rights, and freedoms):

• To provide and administer our products and services in relation to your booking, such as providing requested products and services (including our loyalty programme if applicable), sending service communications (such as updates on your accommodation arrangements), facilitating payments, sending receipts, and providing customer support;


• To manage our connection with you, our business, and our third-party providers (e.g., to investigate complaints, check that our providers have supplied you with the correct service and have appropriately charged you, and so on);




• To guarantee that your interactions with us are secure, we authenticate users, for example;

• To improve our services and add new features to the Swagstay app, website, and offers, such as troubleshooting software bugs and operational issues, conducting data analysis, testing, and research, and monitoring and analysing usage and activity patterns;


• To send you marketing that we believe will be of interest to you (such as information about products, services, promotions, news, and events) and to personalise your experiences with us (as permitted by law), such as identifying your preferences, providing or recommending features, content, social connections, referrals, and advertisements. You can unsubscribe from marketing emails at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link, modifying your device settings to disable notifications, or contacting us.

• To protect our services from abuse and fraud;


• To enforce or apply our website's terms of service, policy terms and conditions, or other contracts, or to protect Swagstay's, our customers', or others' rights, property, or safety;




• To defend ourselves against allegations and to exercise our rights; or




• To take part in, or be the subject of, any sale, merger, or acquisition of the Swagstay business in whole or in part.

We have carefully evaluated these legitimate purposes with your interests and fundamental rights and freedoms to ensure that the processing of personal information we do for the purpose of achieving these interests is proportionate. Please contact us for further information on this balancing test.

Marketing and Preferences


We utilise your personal information to send you marketing by mail, phone, social media platforms, email, SMS, app notifications, and quiet notifications to track the application's installation status. We may also utilise your personal information for retargeting and other online paid marketing activities.

We also employ technology to better understand your specific preferences and interests so that we can provide you with recommendations and marketing communications that will be more relevant to you. Profiling is a term that refers to the use of technology in this manner.


Analytics and Advertising Services Provided by Others


Third-party audience measurement and analytics firms analyse your online interactions (both with the Swagstay and with other websites), serve you with targeted marketing, and report on the effectiveness of that marketing. We can provide suggestions based on your location or search phrases using the Google Place API.


Others may be allowed to provide audience measurement and analytics services for us, as well as serve adverts on our behalf across the Internet and track and report on their success. When you visit our site and use our Services, as well as when you visit other online sites and services, these organisations may use cookies, web beacons, SDKs, and other technologies to identify your device. Please see our Cookie Statement for more information on these technologies and service providers.


Sharing your information


Your information is shared within the Swagstay Group as well as with those that assist us in providing services to you (e.g. your accommodation provider). As required by law we also share your information. Please expand this area for additional information on who we share your information with.


We share your information with the following types of recipients for the purposes outlined in this privacy policy:




• The Swagstay Group's other members;




• With property managers so that they can deliver the services you've requested, such as sharing your name and estimated check-in time;



• Third-party suppliers who assist us in the delivery of products or services, or who have partnered with Swagstay in connection with services or a relevant promotional offering, as well as other apps or websites that integrate with our API or Services, or those that have an API or Service with which we integrate;


• If you use the referral tool, your contact information;

• Members of the general public, if you share content in a public forum, such as blog comments, social media posts, or other parts of our services that are clearly visible to the general public. You can utilise social sharing capabilities and related tools, for example, to share your Swagstay experience with other applications, sites, or media, and vice versa. Depending on your social sharing service settings, your usage of these tools allows you to share information with your friends or the general public. For more information on how those social sharing platforms manage the data you supply to or share through them, please refer to their privacy rules.

• Third parties to whom we are required or permitted by law to disclose your personal information (for example, law enforcement officials and government authorities);


• With the police in the performance of their duties, or with others if a court order requires it;




• Third parties in the event of a merger, sale of corporate assets, consolidation or restructuring, financing, or purchase of all or a portion of the Swagstay Group's business, in which case personal data stored by the company regarding its customers or website users may be one of the transferred assets.

Wherever we share your personal information, we will put in place adequate safeguards to secure it, as required by data protection legislation. We may disclose information that has been aggregated, pseudonymized, and/or anonymized so that it cannot be used to identify a specific person.

Data protection contacts


Please contact our Privacy Team if you have any questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions concerning this notice or any other concerns about how we process information about you.

If you are dissatisfied with our Privacy Team's response, you may contact our Data Protection Officer.













Terms of Service

Swagstay is a hotel search engine that provides users with information about various types of lodging (such as hotels, vacation homes, and so on), travel destinations, and travel-related services.


Scope of Service

 These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time and apply to all of our services that are delivered directly or indirectly (via third parties) via the internet, mobile devices, email, or telephone.


You affirm that you have read, understood, and agree to these terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy, which includes the use of cookies, by using our website.

Services and Contract

In addition, for some hotels, users have the option of reserving directly through third-party hotel booking services. As a result, reservations will be made directly through the hotel's website rather than through the Swagstay sites. In such circumstances, Swagstay is merely an agent providing a technical connection to a third-party hotel booking site, not the trip operator or contractual party for the user. Users agree to be governed by the terms and conditions of the third-party booking site by making a reservation on that site. These terms and conditions can be found on the third-party website.

Any additional agreements between the hotel and users have no bearing on this agreement.

Privacy, Email Advertisements


 places a great focus on the security of the user's personal information. As a result, Swagstay goes to great lengths to secure data security. For more information please read our privacy..


Swagstay only collects, processes, and uses your personal data (hereinafter "data") with your consent or if a law requiring permits such collection, processing, or use.

Swagstay will only collect, handle, and utilise data that is required for the provision of Swagstay's services, as well as the use and operation of the websites/apps and services supplied.



The user will receive periodic product information if the user has agreed to receive information about Swagstay at registration for the Community or at any other time when using Swagstay's services. By writing correspondence or email, the consent can be cancelled at any time. After receiving the Swagstay confirmation email, you must consent to receive emails. You will be registered to receive newsletters by clicking the link in the email.


 User Obligations

The user is responsible for obtaining ownership of the content (text, photographs, reviews, links, and so on) that they upload to Swagstay. They ensure that they own all rights to the content they publish on the Swagstay platform, ensuring that they do not infringe on the rights of any other parties.

The user guarantees not to use the Swagstay services to create content that:

      is disguised advertising, lacks specific content for an evaluated item, is not objective, or is intentionally false,


      immoral, obscene, or objectionable in any other way


      Third-party rights, particularly copyright, are infringed upon.


      in any way breaches current laws or constitutes a criminal offence,


      contains viruses or other computer programmes that could harm software or hardware, or have an impact on how computers are used.


      is a questionnaire or a chain letter,


      is designed to gather and exploit personal information from other users, mostly for commercial purposes.

The user agrees not to use any programmes or functions on Swagstay to produce automated page impressions or content.


Swagstay maintains the right to remove content without giving a reason, withhold funds earned in the Swagstay Community, and permanently ban members from Swagstay if the terms and conditions are broken. The right to have criminal acts prosecuted is unaffected.


After receiving relevant information via email about improper usage of the website, Swagstay

reserves the right to revoke a user's access and remove their registration within one week. Within the same time frame, the user can also terminate their own access and registration. The right to immediate dismissal for good reason is unaffected.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

When using Swagstay, the current terms and conditions apply. Email notifications are sent to registered users when changes are made. The current terms and conditions are available for users to download and print on their own computers.